Monthly Archives: March 2014

BLE DEVKIT.N main Board for nRF51822 Nordic Development Kit

We are proud to present our new BLE DEVKIT.N main Board for nRF51822 Development Kit. It is a must for every bluetooth low energy developer using nordic tools.

Some of the feature

  • Easy access to all GPIO pins(P0.00-P0.30) by multiple types of connectors, suitable for any applications and extension boards
  • Easy tracing via printf redirecting to serial communication port
  • Different ways to power up the nRF51822 Development Kit, via USB, coin cell battery(CR2032) or external power supply(5V-30V)
  • Full compatibility with Nordic SDK examples, so not need to reconfigure any pins for buttons or LEDs. Just works
  • BLE DEVKIT.N provides a room for mini prototype breadboard giving additional flexibility to the developer
  • DIP switches(SW1,SW2,SW3) allow an easy connect/disconnect of buttons, LEDs and USB-to-UART bridge to the GPIOs




More info at BLE DEVKIT.N