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Blue Vending Player (BVP)

We were curious to make a old vending machine look little bit more IoT (interesting) and possibility to for additional channel of income(like playing ads during coffee brew).

When customer purchase a product we can play custom video or personal message, music clip. Some kind of “Personal  treatment” if his phone support  BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy). It will be also possible to apply custom discounts and promotions.


Blue Vending Player

Blue Vending Player


We are part of the Apple MFi Program

I am proud to announce that we are now part of the Apple MFi Program. It will definitely help us to make better home automation accessories.

If you’re interested in creating a HomeKit-enabled hardware accessory, you need to be an MFi licensee to access the resources for manufacturing hardware that integrates HomeKit technology.



BLE DEV.N R3 (nRF51822 powered board for Bluetooth Low Energy Fun)

We just released the 3th revision of the BLE DEV.N board. It has a nice battery holder and reset button (bottom side), so much for a such small size. You can check the BLE.DEV.N R3 UM v1.0 document for detailed description. It will allow you easy to develop your next project but this time also to power it with a CR1216 battery, in order to become real “wireless” product.

  • 32 bit, ARM Cortext™ M0
  • Access to all pins
  • Easy tracing via printf redirecting to serial communication port
  • 4 LEDs (1 Green, 1 Red, 1 Yellow, 1 Blue), 2 user buttons
  • Hardware improvements over R1
  • Upload custom code using on board USB-Serial connection, removing the need of external/additional programmer BLE DEV.N DFU v1.0 (BLE DEV.N Device Firmware Updates)
  • BLE.DEV.N R3 UM v1.0 BLE.DEV.N User Manual R3 v1.0
  • Board can be programmed with J-Trace for Cortex-M, ST-LINK/V2, ST-LINK/V2 from STM32F3DISCOVERY and of course over the Air and USB via pre-programmed bootloader
  • RESET button, added in R3
  • Battery holder for CR1216, added in R3

Have Fun!

BlueWeather Station, uploaded new video (BLE, iOS)

Just uploaded new video in which you can see how easy is to use and browse between BlueWeather Stations with the BlueWeather Station App. I hope soon to be on App Store. Video is recorded on iPhone 5. Switching between stations, checking the 24h history of the recorded weather conditions, summary view of all available stations around you, all just with few finger moves.


BlueWeather Station Header

BlueWeather Station, Just got 24h graph

So exited, after 24h of waiting( 24h ago run fresh BlueWeather Station programmed with latest firmware from us) finally I got full weather history chart and here it is:

BlueWeather Station iPhone App

BlueWeather Station iPhone App

Looking at it, it is possible to see what are the trends and try to predict what you can expect in the next hour. Pressure started to increase (“bull market”), so may be good weather is coming?


BlueWeather Station Header

BlueWeather Station, Our First Smart Home Application

We are proud to announce our first home automation product, which is the first one from our line of products BlueSmartHome. Weather station measure current temperature, humidity and pressure, also provide 24h history information. This combination of information gives you the basics for current weather conditions and forecast.

BlueWeather Station

F1. BlueWeather Station

BlueWeather Station iPhone App

BlueWeather Station iPhone App

Dedicated page with more information and more to come is here.


London 2014 – Bluetooth Innovation Training

It is coming a very interesting Bluetooth Low Energy training at London 2014 (Bluetooth Innovation Training). Major players in the field of BLE hardware like Nordicsemi and CSR will be there too.

“The Bluetooth Special Interest Group, along with co-sponsors CSR, Frontline Test Equipment, and Nordic Semiconductor have created this special one-day training to give you everything you need to get started in the exciting Bluetooth and appcessory development world.”

I think will be interesting to meet hardware and software at one place. It will be covered big part of developing process, testing and certification.

Hope to see some of you there. Namaste!

You can easy upload custom code on BLE DEV.N board without a programmer (J-Link/J-Trace)

Now, it is possible to upload custom code using on BLE DEV.N board USB-Serial connection. This will remove the need of owning a programmer (which are quite expensive). I think it will make happy all the hobbits who does not have bugged to buy, but have the passion to explore magic of the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and do nice gadgets talking with their smart phones.
Here is the detailed document BLE DEV.N DFU v1.0